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Breathalyzer supplied to Iraq, Uganda, Nigerian and UK Police Forces

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Breathalysers supplied to TV Shos. Authorised suppliers oif Police breathalyzers

Alcovisor Mercury supplied by Breathalyser Direct to Devon & Cornwall Police

Breathalyser Direct are leading suppliers of quality breathalyzer products to a number of different markets. We supply individuals with high quality breathalyser products and we also supply Police forces with evidential equipment.

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Breathalyser Direct Ltd are delighted to launch a brand new personal breathalyzer device which offers very high accuracy at a budget price, please check out our superb new CA10 Breathalyser. We have been very actively involved in support of the #RU2DRUNK campaign with a supply of the high quality Alcovisor Mercury Breathalyzers to North Yorkshire Police and Dorset Police. This is in addition to our on-going breathalyser supply to Devon and Cornwall and Merseyside Police. We have recently featured on BBC Radio 2's Jeremy Vine Show during a discussion about breathalyser use and the possible lowering of the driving limits in England, Northern Ireland and Wales and companies that supply Police issue and Police grade devices.

We are proud to have been involved in the supply of a large number of AlcoVISOR Mercury and Mk X breathalyzers to pubs and clubs trying to tackle problem drinking in a number of large cities. The breathalyser devices will be used by Police in conjunction with Landlords and Club Management to educate drinkers by using screening at door entry. Heavily intoxicated individuals will not be allowed access. Read Article & Watch Video Here

We are also very active with a number of other large Police Forces around the World, especially in the Middle East. We hope to have the World's first Arabic/Kurdish language breathalyzer released shortly. In addition, we are currently the ONLY UK breathalyzer company authorised to supply Police issue Lion Laboratories breathalyzers, Police issue Draeger breathalyzer and Police issue C4 Development law enforcement grade breathalyzers and accessories. However, we also supply many individuals and companies with breathalyzer equipment - NOT just Police forces.

Breathalyzer Direct are the No. 1 choice for a very large number of buyers looking to purchase high quality breathalyzer equipment mainly due to our expertise and ability to offer tailored advice to suit individual needs - from budget consumer breathalyzer devices to Police grade breathalyzer and evidential equipment.

We also supply the NHS, Irish Health Service, HM Customs, Police Forces throughout the World, Royal Air Force and numerous huge Multi - National shipping and mining companies eg Rio Tinto. We also supply smaller companies, organisations and individuals with top quality breathalysers. Contact us today !

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